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Reed's Salvage purchases a vast majority of metals in a variety of forms. We offer transportation solutions with both pick up and drop off services to customers of all kinds. We also offer highly competitive pricing on all parts, used tires, and used batteries. 

Reed's Salvage offers high quality, furnace-ready materials to mills and foundries all over the world. We have capabilities to process both large and small volumes of materials. Our yard team efficiently processes our material that is unsuitable for shredding by shearing or torch cutting.

Have a junk car sitting around? If so then it's time you turn that old car into some cold hard cash. Reed's offers extremely competitive pricing on the purchase of all used and junk cars. All you need is a title and a valid driver's license! Can't haul the car in on your own? Then let Reed's do the work for you. We offer prompt pick ups to our customers for a minimal service fee .

With over 500 units in its fleet, Reed's Salvage, provides a large selection of bins that customers may retain onsite to assist with scrap collection. We also have a variety of roll off containers for smaller loads, as well as trailers for shipping larger loads. Trailer options include open top, enclosed, flatbed, and beaver tail flatbeds.

Here at Reed's Salvage, we recognizes the importance of competitive pricing, quick payments and professional service. We will provide easy direct communication with a personal account representative that will tailor specific services to your needs. We hold to our record of integrity and honesty to pay dealers fairly and fully for the value of their scrap metal products.

Customers that have a recurring amount of scrap metal may qualify for this convenient pickup service. This service pertains to industrial manufacturers, mechanics shops, tool and die shops, etc. By using this service you will help contribute to a greener Earth while earning extra cash by recycling your unwanted scrap metal. Call one of our excellent customer ​service representatives to schedule your next pick up. We will work with you to tailor your services to suit your needs.

We offer a wide variety of vehicles to pick-a-part from. These parts can be anything from a motor, to a fender, or even small interior components. We also carry a large amount of gently used tires and batteries. Great for people wanting to achieve that brand new look and feel, without having to overpay for it.